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About Dr.Shanil Gandhi

Dr.Kshanil Gandhi,is a dedicated homeopath, who has been practicing exclusive homeopathy since last 22 years.
He has passed his degree of 5&1/2 Yrs. from Anand Homeopathic Collage and Hospital. Gandhi Homeopathy Clinic has been offering pure Homeopathic treatment. He has made Homeopathic treatment popular among all classes of community and seen that Homeopathic treatment is not only useful in chronic diseases but also equally effective in acute conditions.
He has observed amazing results with Homeopathic Medicines in various diseases andcertain conditions that don't respond too well to traditional medicines. Homeopathic medicines are found to be effective in them. Disease Prevention is the best key to your health. He has implemented a new innovating way of increasing vitality by Homeopathic Preventive Treatment to help prevent all those elements that may affect your well-being.